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Ronica Brown, CPA/Tax Planning Expert
Ronica Brown, Tax Planning Expert
Ronica Brown, CPA & Tax Planning Expert

Ronica Brown a tax planning expert and certified public accountant (CPA) whose passion for entrepreneurship emerged at the young age of nine. Ronica holds a master’s degree in accounting and taxation from Kennesaw State University.

Prior to launching Ronica Brown Agency, she worked in corporate tax planning and compliance for over 10 years where she helped fortune 100 corporations to reduce their tax liability.

The Ronica Brown Agency specializes in tax planning strategy and tax consulting. The team works collaboratively with executives and business owners to save at least $30,000 on their taxes.

Her team’s approach is to deliver the most lucrative tax planning strategies that are designed to maximum tax reduction and wealth creation.

Topics Discussed

  • Tax secrets behind the curtain of one of the nation’s largest companies
  • What to do first before you think about tax planning strategy
  • A critical shift in think for most business owners
  • The only time you should be afraid of the IRS
  • Something you might not know about documentation requirements
  • And much more

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