Do you want to grow your business and grow it fast? Maybe you are like most businesses who focus on generating leads without ever focusing on what to do with those leads after they’ve generated them, and it’s starting to slow down your growth. In this episode, I share four big ideas to help you improve your lead conversion rate. This episode is for you if you are ready to follow through and create a lead conversion strategy that perfectly matches your existing lead generation strategy.

Here are three reasons why you should listen to the complete episode: 

  1. Discover Darrell’s four tips to improve your lead conversion rate.
  2. Learn how your budget should be allocated for ads.
  3. Find out the criteria that make someone a lead in the first place.

Episode Highlights 

The first big idea

  • You have to understand your buyer persona clearly and understand their pains.
  • The first step to converting leads is understanding the ideal customer and what pain they want to solve. 
  • This can be done by thinking about the buyer’s journey and empathy map. 
  • It’s important to be able to describe their hell as good, if not better than they understand it, and then take them on a journey to see their paradise.
  • You have to get really crystal clear on who it is by being able to describe what Darrell calls their empathy journey, or their buyer’s journey, related to how they feel.

The second big idea

  • To increase conversion rates, it is important to understand where the lead came from.
  • There are two types of leads- those from social media and those from Google. 
  • If a lead comes from social media, they may need to include one of the four criteria that would make them a lead in the first place (budget, authority, need, or timing).
  • When using Google ads, it is important to remember that you are one of many there and properly set up a response mechanism.

The third big idea

  • Step number three in increasing lead conversion rates is having the right invitation for them to become a lead in the first place, which means creating a landing page that matches the keyword or search query they clicked on.
  • Law firms, for example, should have separate pages for each area of law they practice so that potential leads don’t have to hunt and peck their way around to figure out how to get into the world of the firm.
  • Beyond having separate pages for different keywords, it’s important to address common pain points that potential leads may have related to those keywords. This can be done by including FAQs and videos on landing pages.

The fourth big idea

  • Ensure you are targeting the right people and that your sales team is prepared to handle leads.
  • Companies leave money on the table by not executing lead conversion rates properly.
  • Having an appropriate retargeting and multi-channel ad strategy is key to success.
  • 10-15% of your budget should be allocated toward retargeting/remarketing.

3 Powerful Quotes

  • 3:13 – “You cannot be a master in your craft when trying to be a jack of all trades.” 
  • 19:33 – “You’ve got to address those things in your sales page to help improve your conversion rates. What they want to know is, ‘does this person get me?’.”  
  • 13:12 “Your job of empathizing with their journey will help you increase conversion rates faster than anything you’ve ever seen. If you do this right, people will say, ‘your page just spoke to me.’” 

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