Is one of your biggest struggles combating your thoughts about yourself? Maybe you are drowning in self-development content, but you still don’t understand why you feel the way you do about yourself. If you are ready to learn from someone who was once in the thick of it, just like you, you’re in luck!

Bianca’s passion and purpose are in the work that she is doing with Evolve Ventures (her company/podcast) and the work she does with her clients.

Bianca is the co-founder, CFO, and COO of Evolve Ventures Technologies and the host of the Evolve Ventures Podcast, a global podcast in over 50 countries. She is a cognitive behavioral therapist and success coach who helps people break the patterns and beliefs holding them back from being happy, loving themselves, being successful, and reaching their fullest potential.

Here are three reasons why you should listen to the complete episode:

  1. You will learn more about Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and how Bianca works with her clients. 
  2. Find one thing you can do to break the negative belief pattern or destroy it.
  3. Bianca explains the three fundamental types of beliefs that every single person has.

Episode Highlights

Who is Bianca Thomas

  • Bianca is a cognitive behavioral therapist and success coach who helps people break the patterns and beliefs holding them back from being happy, loving themselves, being successful and reaching their fullest potential. 
  • She is the founder and CFO, and COO of Evolve Venture Technologies.
  • Bianca is also the host of the Evolve Ventures Podcast, a global podcast in over 50 countries.

Bianca’s background

  • Bianca got to where she is by not expecting she would be here.
  • She grew up incredibly depressed and was a very aggressive child who believed she was not loved and wasn’t good enough.
  • At 16, Bianca found herself in a very abusive relationship that left her more confused than ever.

Introduction to personal development 

  • The gym was the one consistent thing in Bianca’s life.
  • She met a man at the gym who became a great mentor to her and introduced her to personal development.
  • Kevin encouraged Bianca to get back into fighting.

The start of her business

  • Bianca met her business partner after signing back up to fight.
  • The running joke is that it was love at first sight after her business partner punched her in the face.
  • Her business partner told her she wanted to start a podcast, and she invited Bianca to join her once she did. 
  • The podcast began right at the beginning of COVID. 

Being led to the world of psychology

  • Bianca wanted to learn about people and understand how to make them like her.
  • Even though it started in a toxic way, Bianca realized how much she loves people.
  • She then started digging into understanding why she felt the way she felt about herself.

Helping her clients break destructive patterns

  • One of the first things Bianca does with her clients is to help them recognize their consistently engaging patterns.
  • When they do that, they need to start understanding the meanings and interpretations of thoughts that they’re consistently having.
  • If they understand the meaning, they can understand why their lives follow similar patterns.

The power and impact of our thought life

  • A thought is a secondary component to the beliefs that someone has.
  • Most of us don’t recognize that we have these beliefs that are crippling us.
  • A thought is a manifestation of a belief.
  • Our thoughts, the way we create thoughts, and the interpretations we make stem from our belief structures.
  • There are three fundamental types of beliefs that every single person has.

How Bianca works with her clients

  • Bianca approaches clients differently based on their needs, goals, and aspirations.
  • She tries to understand each person and the things you went through that got them where they are.
  • If she can understand what got them there, she can work with them to uncover what is keeping them there.

What Evolve Ventures Technologies is

  • Evolve Ventures Technologies’ mission is to evolve human consciousness. 
  • Building and creating the technologies that help people break the things that keep them stuck, and to help them evolve, change and grow.
  • The podcast is about shifting limiting beliefs. 
  • It’s about helping you break free of the patterns holding you back and evolve and grow.

What Bianca would want others to remember

  • Bianca wants people to remember that no matter what they go through, their beliefs will determine everything, and they can learn to shift their beliefs and achieve anything they want to.

3 Powerful Quotes from this Episode

12:59 – “I’ve been so successful because I’ve been through it. I don’t just study it. I had to do a personal case study of putting myself through everything I do with my clients.

25:28 – “If you can understand the meaning you are making about things, you can start to understand why your life is following very similar patterns.”

29:48–You’re always going to judge yourself up against your belief. So many people get caught in this belief that we don’t realize we have but is the primary root of all our problems.

About Bianca Thomas

Bianca is a clinical mental health counselor specializing in cognitive behavioral therapy and a CBT & Success Coach. She teaches her clients the science-based tools to transform, be happy, love themselves, and be successful.

She is the co-host of Evolve Ventures, a podcast in 50+ countries that helps people understand why they do what they do and helps them learn how to make better, more informed decisions.

She is a gay, Middle Eastern woman with an extensive background in helping others understand and embrace their own identity, live in alignment with their highest values, change their limiting beliefs and create radical transformations in their lives.

Bianca has an incredible story about self-realization, self-love, and self-belief that will help transform the lives of her listeners.

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