I always believe I can overcome anything.

Eric Evans

Episode 8

Eric Evans has been an athlete his entire life. He also happens to be my brother.

He’s won a state football championship, set an American record in powerlifting, won multiple national weightlifting championships, placed 2nd in an international weightlifting competition and qualified for Olympic trials leading up to the 2004 summer games in Athens, Greece.

In his 20’s, he risked being fired from his job to follow his passion.

Professionally, he achieved his ultimate goal when he became the strength and conditioning coach for a professional team, the Denver Outlaws for 6 seasons.

Over those 6 seasons, Eric was able to put the fittest and healthiest professional lacrosse players on the field every season and helped to not only put an undefeated regular season in the record books but also run off a string of 20 consecutive regular-season wins.

After being asked countless times about training, nutrition, and supplements, he’s decided to take a leap of faith and create a platform to share my knowledge and experience.

He has an authentic passion for fitness, performance, and training.

That’s the foundation for Specimen Training, the company he founded.

Eric Evans - USA Weight Lifting
Eric Evans posing with a medal at a USA Weight lifting competition

What we discussed:

  • How he found his passion
  • The single most motivating event in his competition life
  • The rare eye disease that shattered his Olympic Games dreams and threatened his life
  • What drives his mindset after major setbacks
  • Making tough decisions to leave the familiar to pursue his dream
  • What it takes to be 47 and still competing professionally
  • The power of routines and habits
  • His new business, Specimen Training
  • What he wants his legacy to be

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