Before you go, please watch this short video to schedule your show and important show recording details.

Schedule Your Show Recording

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Show Recording Guidelines (Please Read)

  1. Be sure to block your schedule for 60 minutes once your date/time have been confirmed.

We will use the first 10 minutes to make sure video, audio, and lighting are good to go. We will use this time to “shape the show” so we have a smooth conversation that highlights your expertise.

2. Be in a quiet room/location

This is absolutely essential. Listeners can tolerate sub-par video quality but will not tolerate poor audio. This is a podcast (audio) first with video second.

Here’s how to make sure your audio is great.

  • Be in a fully carpeted room. If you are a tiled room, we recommend having at least a rug beneath you to catch as much sound.
  • If you are using video, please use your computer/laptop with a web camera and a good microphone. You may use your smartphone, but you must use wireless headphones and have a tripod.
  • Another key for video is that you, as the subject must be well lit. This means light is facing you. Natural daylight works great.
  • Might be obvious but will say it anyway…if you are in your car, restaurant, hotel lobby, airport, or outside in open air, the producers of the show will cancel the recording.

3. If we encounter any unexpected noise, internet connection, or wifi interruptions, we’ll handle them accordingly and do our best to sort these out.

4. If you are using an older computer and the webcam video quality is not that good, I’d recommend getting this web camera that I use. If you’re security conscious, then this webcam provides a security lens.

5. Lastly, please send 2-4 professional HEADSHOTS for our team to use for promotional purposes on our website and social media for your episode. We will not search the internet and social channels to find something to work with.

If you have any questions not addressed here, please email us at

Darrell Evans, Host